Our Company

Our Vision

"To be the contractor of choice through Quality, Excellence and Teamwork in Excavating and Civil construction."


VanDriel Excavating Inc. was founded in 1988 by Simon and Yolanda VanDriel. Our company was known as VanDriel Contracting at that time. The company began by doing drain repair and small excavation work.

Commitment to quality ensured the business was able to expand into larger projects.  As of 1995, we incorporated and changed our name to VanDriel Excavating Inc. Our incorporation streamlined the company name and pointed to the type of projects we were engaged in. The incorporation also made the way for the next generation to enter the company and we were able to engage in a broader range of projects.  This included agricultural projects, business site development, housing and septic system work. 





We have built on our early success by expanding our workforce, equipment and in-house expertise.  We have added to our portfolio a great diversity of larger municipal projects throughout  Huron County and surrounding areas. These projects include bridge construction, box culverts, erosion control, drainage work, channel reconstruction, agriculture development and residential construction. We operate with an experienced, professional staff that includes our own design team.